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Air compressor for dairy equipment

Air compressor for dairy equipment

 Dairy Industry

dairy  manufacturers must adhere to the highest quality standards when it comes to protecting the integrity of their products and processes — and their brand!

There's a lot riding on the quality of air used in the industry - even the slightest traces of oil can result in altered or polluted product batches and the risk of health hazards for consumers.

To ensure best practice, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) established a new class of air quality for food and beverage manufacturers. Known as Class 0, it is the most stringent air quality class, limiting oil contamination in liquids, aerosols and vapors.

Typical uses of compressed air in the  dairy  industry include:
. Product handling — to move products at high speeds along the production process

. Food filling machines

. Fluid pumps — to move liquid products in the production and filling process

. Nitrogen generation — to generate the vacuum used in the packaging process

. Packaging — to generate the vacuum used in the packaging process

No matter what you  dairy , bottled water or beer, you can rest assured that our oil-free compressor range will ensure a reliable supply of high quality air and your peace of mind.